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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spanking At The Cider Orchard - The BBW Exhibitionists - Now released

My latest 14,000+ word short story set on the Cider Orchard Estate, where the staff know how to enjoy themselves in the naughtiest of ways, is now available.

Firey BBW redhead Amanda and country gent Will are managers at the vast Cider Orchard Estate in the heart of rural England. When the Squire instructs them to investigate press reports of group sex activities on his land they uncover a secret culture of swingers who enjoy anonymous risky encounters in the open air. The daring exhibitionists are led by an elusive, suave playboy known only as The Saint. His preferences for larger ladies and his fondness for spanking their plump bottoms lead to a curious mix of business and pleasure.

"I love the way your arse is packed tightly in.  Now let me see what happens when they are pulled down. Would you like to pull them down for me?"
Amanda liked his style. A real sophisticated gentleman who was both masterful yet polite. "Of course", she said as she ran her hands seductively along the outline of her hips, pausing at top of her pantyhose.  She slid her hands down into them, over her knickers and gently edged the pantyhose down over the curves of her bottom.
"I love those blue panties, "he said, turning to Tracey. "How about I buy you a pair of those?"
Tracey didn't answer, but moved closer to inspect them. Amanda wasn't used to such female attention, but it didn't do anything to detract from the experience.
"My Dear, I don't know how much experience you have of this type of thing, but I'm going to start the initiation of your bum with some playful slaps over your panties".
Amanda gave an appreciative response and The Saint began with smack to her right cheek, then another to her left. "OK so far?" he enquired.
"I've done this before, you carry on".
"An expert! I like those. Are you granting me your permission to do as I wish?"
"Just so long as I get to experience what you have in your pants. It looks like you have a nice surprise in there, so it had better be for me later".
"Well I think knickers down is the order of the day then", he said as he began to gently ease Amanda's blue panties down slowly over her curvy bottom until it's soft pillowy flesh was exposed to the late afternoon air.
Amanda knew there would be a wet patch that darkened the crotch of her panties, but felt sure Tracey's knickers would have been in exactly the same state when she had teased The Saint with them earlier.
"Oh that is so lovely! So big, beautiful and ripe for spanking". The Saint ran his hand softly over Amanda's bottom, then after raising it a few inches, brought it down firmly on her.  His second one was slightly harder but comfortable enough for her.  He then began a series of spanks, alternating between each bum cheek.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Next Excursion To The Cider Orchard...

... will arrive shortly!  The Cider Orchard is a series of standalone stories with the common themes of spanking and BBW appreciation set in rural England and the latest one promises to be hot! It will focus on a trend that has become popular in Britain over the last few years - Dogging.  For non UK readers, Dogging is outdoor sex and exhibitionism with both active and voyeuristic participants. Readers who have seen any of the previous books in the series will be no doubt be pleased to know that there will be plenty of lovely plump bottoms getting the usual treatment.  Watch this space...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Spanking At The Cider Orchard - The Virgin BBW Bride

Out now, the latest in the Cider Orchard spanking stories. This time with a romantic wedding theme !
BBW Maisie led a sheltered life amongst the traditionalist population of a remote Scottish island until she met Danny, a wealthy, handsome and caring dream guy. But wealth and good looks are not enough to give away her virginity before marriage. When Danny takes her back to his home village in rural England and gives her the wedding of her dreams, he discovers a number of strange bridal traditions including the "spanking of the bride". Will Maisie be receptive to Danny's desire to initiate his new wife's bottom into this naughty ritual?

This 11,000 word short story is for adult readers only and features explicit sex, spanking, defloration and anal play themes. 

"I think that calls for your knickers to come down".
"Not here! Someone might see us".
Danny laughed. "Out here? Who else is likely to be wandering around in these secluded woods at this time of the morning. Besides, you've no choice".
He rubbed Maisie's bum, feeling the fabric of the tight leggings against the palm of his hand and running a finger over the elastic of the top of her panties underneath.  He ran his hands over her hips twice before yanking down the leggings and knickers in one sharp movement to expose most of Maisie's beautiful globes.  The panties were stuck at the front, so he placed his fingers over the gusset and pulled them right down to her ankles, noticing that Maisie had already left a damp patch of her juices on her panties.
If Maisie felt vulnerable before, she was now beginning to feel what is was like to be under someone else's control.  She had never been naked outside before and now had to put complete trust in her man, a man who started to spank her fully exposed bottom.  She knew she couldn't cry out in case anyone heard, but the slaps were starting to sting.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Spanking at the Cider Orchard - The BBW Stable Girl - Now Published !

Another short story set on the Cider Orchard Estate in rural England has now been released. This time it's a naughty tale of BBW stable girl Jessica on the day of the big race and her plan to teach the Squire's nephew all he needs to know about taking control. Extract:-
She briefly recalled one time during a hot summer afternoon when, after several hours of watching a gang of male students stripped to waist whilst fruit picking, she ran to the barn, sat on a hay bale and slipped a hand inside her knickers, rubbing her engorged clit until she came faster than a Derby winner. “What a dirty bitch I am” she laughed to herself. She picked up the riding crop next to the saddle and examined it closely, giving it a shake before whipping one of the bales. She giggled as she imagined Jason giving her a few strokes across her buttocks with it. “What the hell, no-one is around at this time of morning” thought Jessica and after glancing around to double check, she undid her belt, pulled down her jeans and pants in one tug down to her knees and held the crop in her right hand. She bent over slightly and gave herself a light tap on the bum with the end of the whip. It barely touched her, so she repositioned, braced herself and tried again. This time it made contact and stung. She’d had over the knee spanks before, but this felt different. Her concentration was broken by the sound of car in the distance. She replaced the riding crop, pulled her jeans back up and headed quickly back to the stable. Giggling again she thought “What a dirty bitch I am”.
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Spanking at the Cider Orchard - Heather's Interview - is released !

You are invited to spend some time discovering the Cider Orchard in the heart of rural England where British traditions don't stop at afternoon tea and cakes !
The first in a series of standalone stories with BBW heroines and elements of spanking is now available for your Kindle, Ereader, Ipad, PC and most other Ebook readers.

When attractive BBW Heather arrives for a coveted job at the vast Cider Orchard Estate in the heart of rural England, she encounters handsome Estate Manager Will as her interviewer. Will is determined to show Heather the strict disciplinary code she is required to adhere to and prepares to put her through the ultimate test. But who is really the one in control ?

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Cider Orchard Welcomes You !

My first short story is due for publication for the Cider Orchard series. All stories are complete and take place in the fictional Cider Orchard Estate nestled in the heart of the English West Country.  Keep watching !